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CCC - Children's Christian Club

CCC is a FREE program for children in K - 5th Grades.  It is sponsored by the Wesleyan Church.

Meetings are Wednesday evenings from 6 to 7:30 PM.

Children participate in activities that help them to grow physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.  Our teachers are well-trained and the staff-to-child ratio is excellent.  

Each week builds off of th last week. We have Music, Games, Crafts, Bible Lessons, Prayer and Dinner.

  • Crafts [we make exciting things to take home that remind us of God]
  • Bible Lessons [we learn more about God's Word]
  • Games [we play games and have fun taking turns and developing new skills]
  • Music [we experience worship through singing high enrergy songs about God].

Parents are encouraged to attend any and all events.

We have 2 Honor Councils each year [February & June] where children receive their merit badges and awards.

Registration is free.
CCC has taken over what used to be CYC. Our Pastor's wife, Ms. Alane, recently went to be with the Lord and she ran CYC.

Our church has something for everyone.  Come have a look:


    CYC Photos: