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Who We Are

We are a Basic Bible Church in the Methodist Tradition of John and Charles Wesley. We were founded in 1945 and believe in filling the church with happy Christian Families. We want to help people to better understand the Bible and the love that Jesus Christ has for them.



We Believe

We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son, suffered in our place on the cross, that He died for our sins and rose again, that He now sits at the Father's right hand until He returns to judge all people at the last day.

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God.

We believe that by the grace of God every person has the ability and responsibility to choose between right and wrong, and that those who repent of their sin and believe in the Lord Jesus are justified by faith.

We believe that God not only counts the believers as righteous, but that He makes them righteous, freeing them from sin's domination, purifying their heart by faith and perfecting them in love, providing for their growth in grace, enabling them through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to live a good life.

We believe that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our life that includes love, peace, and joy every day. He listens to our prayers and has already made provisions for all our needs. He has something good for us to do each day and different works of service during the seasons of our life.

We believe that God loves the church and has chosen the community of believers as the main instrument of His grace, healing, and worship. As Christians we believe in helping all people.



The Bible

We want people to develop their own convictions based on the Bible and the promptiing of the Holy Spirit. We respect each other. The emphasis is on personal, practical application. God will speak to the need of our life if we listen.

We Offer Age Appropriate Sunday School for all young people durring the serviceall ages: pre-school, early Elimentary, Older Elimentary, and Teenagers. After someone has attended for a couple of years they will know all of the books of the Bible, the stories of the Old Testament, the ten commandments, the teaching and life of Jesus, history and doctrines of the church.

There is a Christian Basics class that teaches about God, Jesus, Salvation, Grace, Faith, forgiveness, temptation, and life in the Spirit.

After Christian Basics is a course of study covering the major teachings of the Bible. It is an individualized study helping one discover and develop personal spiritual gifts and ministry.

Mid-week Home Bible Studies provide an opportunity to study and discuss a book of the Bible in depth.

Being Bible-Christians is important to Lawndale Wesleyan. God's peace and blessing come as we rest in His Word.